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We always believed in making selling as easy as possible. No fees or additional charges. And no hassle integration. This is why we asked one of our SKU Cloud merchants to tell us about their experience with so far and let us know how we compare to other marketplaces.

BuySend is a multi-channel retailer selling through their own online store and variety of marketplaces including eBay, Amazon and Flubit. Established by Dave Waters in 2008, the shop has been growing ever since now offering over fifty thousand products to shoppers all over the world.

They started selling with SKU Cloud in August, deciding to join after they have used as shoppers.

“We joined SKU Cloud because we liked the concept of it. Before we decided to integrate with SKU Cloud we actually used it to see how it performed. A few members of our team including myself bought things and were all given a cheaper price than advertised on Amazon. So from that point, we thought it was a winner. The other reason for joining SKU Cloud is that we are naturally always looking to get our products in front of more people to help drive sales and SKU Cloud have partnered with Barclaycard’s bespoke offers which have several million users already. So helps us to get access to those potential customers.”

said one of the founders, Dave.

Fast integration

Since Buy send is selling on a variety of marketplaces, we asked them to rate our integration process when compared to other platforms.

Dave told us that for them the whole process was very easy.

“My developers said all in it took only a few days to get our shop live. A very straightforward integration with a good technical support from Flubit when needed.”

We don’t like to brag but we are aiming to make the integration process as easy as possible. We work with a number of e-commerce platforms including Brightpearl, Linnworks and Selro. But we are also here to help merchants who want to integrate via FTP or API.

What makes Flubit different?

Flubit is the world’s first demand-driven marketplace offering unique private offers to millions of UK shoppers looking for cheaper prices online.

We don’t charge our merchant fees or commissions and we always make sure that online sellers get the price they want so they can make the most out of selling with us.

When we asked Dave what he likes most about Flubit he told us

“I think the overriding factor that makes Flubit stand out from other marketplaces is the pricing. Often these days customers are very price savvy and always looking for deals. Flubit manages to offer great prices because it doesn’t charge its merchants allowing them to offer Flubit rock bottom prices but still have a margin themselves. When you compare against other well-known marketplaces charging fees of 10-20%, Flubit soon starts to stack up financially.”

So why not join Flubit right now? You will reach millions of UK shoppers who are more likely to buy from you than on any other marketplace. And with the quick and easy integration process, you will be up and running right before the Christmas madness starts.

Join today and start selling.

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