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One of the biggest problems online retailers face when looking for new marketplaces to explore is the question of traffic. There are many routes to market beyond eBay, Amazon and our very own but retailers have to ask themselves if the effort of integration (calculated in time and money) will be worth the sales volumes each new market generates.

This isn’t a problem for SKU Cloud retailers.

First and foremost, integration with the SKU Cloud platform is free and simple. Secondly, once integration is complete, additional sales channels can be added without any additional effort or expense. Finally, and here’s the really good news, traffic isn’t a problem because we partner with some of the highest trafficked sites in the UK.

For example:

SKU Cloud retailers now have the opportunity to list and sell their products via The Mirror Online. As the UK’s second most successful online newspaper according to Comscore, attracting 22.1 million unique visitors in November 2016, The Mirror Online enables high volume online retailers to target a huge cross-section of the British public as they catch up on the latest news, entertainment and sport.

As the way we consume news and advertising have changed, retail is becoming an increasingly important component of many publishers commercial operations, meaning your products will be seen by an increasingly significant numbers of their readers.

The nature of an online news site encourages repeat visits (with many readers coming back to check headlines multiple times per day) and so creates multiple opportunities for retailers to sell more products.

Note: Due to SKU Cloud’s unique commercial model which offers online shoppers the best prices for branded products online, publishers are able to turn impulse purchases into repeat business, driving long-term revenues and profits for both the publisher and retailer. If you are concerned that traffic doesn’t always convert into sales – we might just surprise you.

Speaking about the growing success of The Mirror Online, Pete Picton, editorial director for The Mirror Online, recently told journalists: “We’re really excited by the strength we’re seeing from Mirror Online. Across mobile and desktop, November has been a record month, and we’re working hard to carry this momentum into 2017.”

Retailers, do you want to join the biggest news story of 2017 and start selling via the web’s busiest sites? Join us here. 

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