New Routes to Market in 2017 – The Zero Investment eCommerce Growth Strategy

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Scanning boxesIf you operate an independent online retail business, there is a good chance you’ll recognise the following scenario.

You started small, perhaps selling a few items on eBay before you either spotted an opportunity to grow or your personal circumstances changed and forced you to get more serious.

You worked your socks off, securing new product lines, building feedback and eventually dominating your category before your growth flattened out and forced you to look for alternative routes to market.

Amazon offered you the step-up you needed. You felt comfortable there. In many ways, it was a similar environment to eBay but it was also very different and you had to adapt many of your practices to suite.

About this time, you invested in a multi-channel retail technology solution (ChannelAdvisor, Volo, Linnworks, SellerExpress) to help drive efficiencies and sell more. Your small online marketplace business was beginning to look like a real business – and the costs of doing business were rising along with your turnover.

Perhaps your cost of sale became a concern. It was easy to make a decent margin when you were operating from home but as you expanded into business premises and hired staff the cost of running your business went through the roof. You worried that you might become a busy fool, turning over lots of cash but seeing limited profits. It was time to try and cut out the middleman and reduce your reliance on third-party marketplaces and their seller fees.

You built your own website. It was expensive. Nothing happened.

You invested in paid search. It was expensive. It generated a few sales but drastically cut your profits.

You started looking for other marketplaces.

There was lots of talk about sites like Pixmania and Rakuten ( – but your multi-channel software provider took their time to integrate with them and then, after the painful process of getting registered and actually listing your products, they never really generated much excitement beyond the hyperbole of their PR releases.

Throughout this period, eBay and Amazon continuously changed their goal posts, adjusted their fees and (in the case of Amazon) actively competed against you.

Whoever said that selling online was easy had clearly never tried to do it at scale.

SKU Cloud – A New Direction

SKU Cloud enables online retailers to open up new routes to market without the hassle or expense of previous growth strategies.

SKU Cloud powers a wide range of high-profile online retail properties including (the UK’s largest independent online marketplace and third only in terms of sales generated to eBay and Amazon) and a growing number of online shopping outlets provided by major online publishers and other high traffic destination sites.

Your multi-channel retail software is already fully integrated with SKU Cloud, set-up is free and there are no listing or final value fees, meaning the process of listing and selling your products is simple and painless.

It also means, as the SKU Cloud eCommerce network brings new retail partners online, you don’t need to do a thing to benefit from the additional exposure offered.

This will allow you to focus on what makes your business successful (constantly adapting to keep eBay and Amazon happy), keep a check on your cost of sale, maintain and increase margins, drive profits and continue to grow.

Where is Your Business Heading in 2017?

For more information about how SKU Cloud can help you grown your online retail business more efficiently and more profitably in 2017 download our information pack or call 020 37454483.

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