Why The New Flubit.com Online Marketplace Makes So Much Sense

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Flubit.com is the exception to prove the rule.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the Flubit.com team at the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) event at Birmingham’s NEC on the day the business transformed from a demand-led, private offer site to a fully-fledged online marketplace.

Check out news of the launch on Tamebay TV below:



The reaction to the new online marketplace from retailers at the event was priceless.

With no set-up fees, no listing or final value fees, quick and easy integration and a proven business model, why wouldn’t retailers want to list their products on the Flubit.com Marketplace.

The one question that initially left many retailers stumped was: How do Flubit.com make money? Thankfully, Flubit.com’s business model is easy to explain and almost as simple as their retail proposition – making any decision to list and sell products via the platform incredibly easy.

Flubit’s Roots

The Flubit.com team have steadily built an online marketplace business that has a very real potential to challenge the dominant marketplace players including Amazon and eBay.

Unlike many of their predecessors, Flubit.com has already solved the online marketplace “chicken and egg” problem:  Without retailers, you cannot attract customers, with no customers you cannot attract retailers.

Flubit.com’s demand-based business built relationships with more 1,500 UK and Irish online retailers giving their site users access to millions of branded products. This helped them create a committed community of online shoppers who love Flubit.com’s retailers’ amazing prices and unbeatable service.

Note: Flubit.com shoppers save on average an amazing 12 percent on purchases when compared to Amazon.

Even before the Flubit.com’s evolution into a “traditional” marketplace business, the service had already been recognised as the UK’s largest independent marketplace business and third only to the aforementioned eBay and Amazon.

What’s more Flubit.com retailers have the opportunity to list their products on a number of other high-profile, high-traffic eCommerce sites via the SKU Cloud (the technology which powers Flubit.com) eCommerce network?.

New Opportunities

With the launch of the new marketplace business, Flubit.com is now able to work with retailers from a wider range of product categories and expand their range to include retailers’ own-label or white label products, alongside its existing catalogue of big brand name products.

To learn more about selling via the UK’s most exciting and innovative online marketplace and wider eCommerce network get in touch today by calling 020 37454483 or send an email here: https://sellers.skucloud.co.uk/contact

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