The New Online Marketplace Presents New Opportunities for More Retailers

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Flubit new website has always provided retailers of brand name products a great opportunity to reach savvy online shoppers while keeping the costs of sale low and helping to maintain margins.

Before’s recent evolution into a fully-fledged online marketplace, as a demand-led shopping service, it made sense to focus primarily on the type of products shoppers were actively searching for. Essentially, we offered a like-for-like comparison against Amazon – often beating them on price by a staggering 12 percent.

The original model required the competitive landscape created by multiple retailers having access to the same products to work. This meant that was unable to list many non-branded or white label products and so created a roadblock for many online retailers to enjoy the experience.

Thanks to the recent changes at, that roadblock has now been removed.

More Choice

The new online marketplace now gives shoppers the opportunity to search for generic products. For example, you can now search for a “kettle” and be presented with a range of products to select.

This means the product catalogue has enormous scope for expansion and we can now include non-branded, own-brand or white label products in our search results.’s search algorithms and customer-controlled filters ensure that results are relevant and place the right products at the right price in front of the right people.

List Everything

This means online retailers can now start to list everything they sell via their own website or on Amazon via the marketplace.

And remember, because it costs nothing to list or sell an item on, there is absolutely no risk involved in listing your entire catalogue of SKUs.

The very worst that can happen is that you will increase your sales – and that’s a nice problem to have.

Getting Started

To learn more about listing and selling your products on the new online marketplace, contact us here and one of our eCommerce experts will walk you through the opportunity and the process of getting started.  

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