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With Christmas approaching fast, now is the perfect time to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your online marketplaces.  SKU Cloud has put together some surefire ways to ensure you are in pole position to win those Christmas sales…

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First thing’s first; is your inventory up-to-date? Have you sent your best possible prices?

As a merchant, you should already know that we have a dedicated Account Management team who are always contactable. If you have any doubt regarding your integration or whether your inventory is updating correctly and frequently – simply drop us a line.

Take a moment to check the data that you are providing us.  Have you selected weight based shipping, but forgot to include weights for all your SKUs? Simple mistake, but an almost certain way to lose out on sales!

Check the identifiers you’re including in your inventory file and give us as much as you can. You can get by with a title, price, stock and an SKU – but we recommend giving as much information as possible. We currently accept ASINs, EANs, UPCs & GTINs. You can only add an MPN along with the Brand / Manufacturer in addition to one of the above identifiers. The better the quality of information you provide (images and descriptions, along with identifiers) the bigger the chance of your SKU matching to a customer’s demand – meaning more sales!

Use our SKU Cloud tools

In our SKU Cloud merchant administration area, we have a wide range of fantastic tools at your disposal.

Offer Page

This tab gives you real-time insight into the demand for your inventory. Check out what offers you have out there that are soon to convert into orders.  View the rejected offers to help answer the question ‘Why do I keep missing out on this sale?

Filter the date range and sort the data; view the top products that you’re missing out on and consider what you can do to help convert the sale the next time it is demanded. Is the price too high? Will you be able to reduce it to make it more attractive to the customer? Is the title clearly communicated? Have you included a description of the item so the customer will feel confident and 100% sure of what they are purchasing? Remember, if you’re seeing offers then you’re one step away from converting!

Revenue Opportunities

This tab filters lost sales into two categories: Stock – you didn’t have the item in stock, so the sale went to a different merchant. Price – you had the item in stock, but your price wasn’t competitive enough.

Look at the data available to you, filter it by date range – last week or month. This will give you an idea on what you have recently missed out on.

Look at the Top 10 for this date range, play around with your pricing of SKUs vs what they’re selling for on Amazon.  Don’t give up, if you’re not able to compete with the first few on the list, then hopefully you can offer better pricing on the next 5 and win these sales!

For missed revenue opportunities due to stock, look at the SKUs listed and check with your suppliers. Compare the pricing to Amazon, and if you can secure a good deal, stock it!

Customer Satisfaction

Be aware of the consequences that poor customer service and negative experiences can have on consumer confidence. When we make an offer to a customer, they are provided with the fulfilling merchant details before they complete the purchase. So, having a good feedback rating will help your conversion!

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by delivering items late or taking too long to respond to customers.

Endeavour to ensure that you adhere to the delivery timeframes that you’ve stated on SKU Cloud. If you’re not able to adhere to either the handling or shipping times, adjust them in the settings page of your account to ensure the customer’s expectations are managed.  Respond to any customer support requests quickly, even a simple acknowledgement email to help them feel confident that their request hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

If you want to chat through any aspect of your account, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The countdown to Christmas is on!

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