Impulse Purchases – How to Boost Incremental Online Sales

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Not all purchases are planned. Sometimes the decision to make a snap purchase takes the consumer by surprise. It’s just a case of putting the right product in front of the right person at the right time.

In the traditional world of high street retail, supermarkets very cleverly utilise the end of aisles and checkout areas to sell you products you didn’t know you wanted when you entered the store. Often these spaces will feature a product type completely removed from what is available on the surrounding aisles. The shock of seeing something different makes the product stand out and persuades you to throw it into your trolley. 

While eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay are very good at recommending similar or complementary products based on your current browsing or purchasing patterns, they do very little to inspire additional purchases outside of your current train of thought. This makes perfect sense in a world where every click counts and laser-focused targeting is proven to drive sales. However, this does very little to create those out-of-the-blue impulse purchases.

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Driving Impulse Purchases Online

Because online marketplaces and retail sites are so focused and very rarely throw up any surprises during a search, retailers hoping to drive any impulse purchases and incremental sales need to look elsewhere. It might surprise you to learn that the first place a retailer should look is outside of the retail environment.

Many online buying decisions are made when people aren’t actively shopping. They might be reading an online newspaper or magazine, checking out online reviews or catching up with friends in an online community. There are literally millions of opportunities available online to put your products in front of consumers outside of the traditional online retail environment.

By partnering with high traffic online publishers and communities, SKU Cloud is able to position retailers’ products in front of a huge and highly receptive audience. In many cases, this route to market is only available via SKU Cloud.

Why This Works

This method of selling works for a number of reasons.

  1. A No-Pressure Environment: Consumers very often make buying decisions when they are in a relaxed, trusted environment. When there is no pressure to buy, it’s very easy to persuade a consumer to check out an offer on the basis that it looks “interesting”.
  2. An Alternative Business Model: Publishers are increasingly looking to diversify their business models. With so much pressure on the advertising market from ad-blockers and social networks, many publishers are pouring additional resources into eCommerce partnerships.
  3. No Risk: With no integration costs or sales fees, SKU Cloud retailers have 100% control over their marketing costs and profit margins.

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