How To Get Millions Of Products On Your Website Without Dealing With Wholesalers Or Drop Shippers

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One of the biggest challenges any new eCommerce operation faces is finding items to stock its virtual shelves.

Sure there are thousands of wholesalers and drop shippers out there who can supply generic and branded products – but finding the right ones, agreeing on favourable terms and then managing how you handle any stock can be a painful process.

There are so many things to consider when working with wholesalers or drop shippers. These include but are not limited to:

  • The very best suppliers (with the best products and brands) may be picky about who they work with. With no retail track record, you might find it hard for them even to return your phone calls, let alone fulfil your stock orders.
  • Wholesalers and drop shippers who are perhaps less picky, might not stock the products or the brands you want to sell. The fact they’ll sell to anyone may also mean that marketplaces are flooded with the same products and competition forces any margin out of a sale.
  • Buying, warehousing and shipping stock is an expensive business. Any products left on your shelves due to bad buying decisions will undoubtedly prove to be a costly mistake.
  • We haven’t even mentioned the cost of managing returns and customer services. When you operate at scale, you’ll need to make sure you have the resources in place to manage every eventuality. Again, this is not cheap and would you even know where to start?

The SKU Cloud Way

SKU Cloud provides a white label eCommerce solution which effectively solves all of your stock related problems. There are no wholesalers, no drop shippers, no picking and packing, no shipping, no customer service issues and no returns.

We keep you virtual shelves stocked via our constantly updated feed of products from 1,500+ leading online retailers, offering your visitors a choice of more than 50 million branded items.

SKU Cloud only works with the best online retailers and drop shippers, meaning your SKU Cloud powered store will only be stocked with brand name products your website visitors want to buy.

Our retail partners currently have access to more than 80 great brand names, including Apple, Dyson, Nintendo, Lego and much more.

You Drive The Traffic, We’ll Build Your Business

You drive the traffic to your website and SKU Cloud will do everything else – helping your eCommerce business generate revenue without investing in additional infrastructure or human resources.

Who Uses SKU Cloud?

SKU Cloud powers eCommerce operations for leading newspaper publishers, discount and voucher code sites, affiliate networks, customer loyalty and rewards programmes.

By harnessing the power of the SKU Cloud network, they are able to concentrate on their core business activities whilst driving significant new streams of revenue.

If you would like to increase the revenue-generating potential from the traffic to your website by creating a well-stocked, fully managed online store speak to SKU Cloud today. 

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