Discoverability Boosts eCommerce Sales for Retailers

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As the UK’s largest independent online marketplace, will already be a familiar name with many online retailers. As the marketplace continues to evolve and grow, it is able to offer its merchant partners an ever increasing opportunity to sell more products to more people on a more regular and more profitable basis.

Launched in 2011, originally as a private demand-based service helping shoppers find cheaper deals on the brand name products they searched for first on sites like Amazon, Flubit morphed into a fully-fledged online marketplace in April 2017.

A lot has changed since Flubit’s transformation – but the core principles, which guide the way they work with online retailers, remain true to their roots formed as a start-up.

Online retailers have always loved Flubit because of their:

  • Zero set-up fees.
  • Ease of integration (if you currently use a multi-channel retail solution like ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Seller Dynamics or Storefeeder (+ many more) you could be listing products on the marketplace within a matter of minutes).
  • Zero listing or final value fees (that’s right, it’s actually free to sell on Flubit).

Almost Too Good to Be True connects millions of savvy online shoppers with retailers who, with a clear understanding of their true cost-of-sale, are able to make volume sales at discounted prices while still achieving an acceptable profit margin.

Note: Compare how much it costs to sell a specific product on a retail platform like eBay or Amazon and work out how you could actually save your customers money while retaining a significant margin by selling on Flubit.

And the benefits of selling online with Flubit don’t end at cost savings (for the merchant and their customers).

Online Discoverability

While many shoppers might still arrive on Flubit with a specific purchase in mind (we still allow shoppers to search for specific items by copying and pasting an Amazon URL into our search bar), the new marketplace environment encourages them to shop around, add additional items to their basket and make impulse purchases.

Neil Goldsmith, Flubit’s Head of Marketplace, said: “We are seeing lots of merchants selling a much wider range of products and even specific products for the first time as shoppers are able to browse product categories. Add to this the fact that many more people are finding products on Flubit via organic search and our various high profile marketing campaigns, and there really has never been a better time to be selling with us.”

A Wider Reach

Flubit’s retailers also have the added possibility of positioning their products across a wide range of partner retail sites via the SKU Cloud eco-system (the technology platform which powers Flubit).  Partner sites include major newspaper group sites, big name discount and voucher code sites and a growing number of white-label ecommerce venues hosted by famous shopping, entertainment and information brands. The fact that many of these partner sites are only accessible via SKU Cloud makes the proposition even more appealing.

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