8 Reasons Why There Really Is No Downside to Selling Via SKU Cloud

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When a retailer is in the process of evaluating a new marketplace or sales channel, they will often draw up a list of pros and cons to help them understand the true value of the opportunity.

A good list will include things like potential traffic, competition, costs, implementation time/effort, support, etc…

Most opportunities will have arguments for and against.

For example:

A retailer looking at Amazon might love the high volumes of sales they can potentially generate but hate the high cost of sale and worry about sharing so much sensitive information with a marketplace that could potentially compete with them.

Alternatively, someone looking at eBay might not like competing with part-time sellers whose lack of experience can drive prices down and cut margins. Then there is the question of customer care – eBay customers tend to be very needy and very often require a lot of support – which again costs money.

So how should a retailer evaluate SKU Cloud?

Of course, I’m biased – but the following list of pros and cons for engaging with SKU Cloud might give you some insight into why I believe there really is no downside to working with one of the UK’s most exciting eCommerce service providers.


1. It’s Free: It really is. There are no set-up fees, listing fees, final value fees or monthly subscription fees. Selling via SKU Cloud is actually cheaper (when you factor in marketing, hosting and technology costs) than selling on your own site. Big sellers, small sellers and everyone in between pay the same – absolutely nothing.

2. Incredible Conversion Rates: Flubit – which is just one of the many channels your products can be found on after integrating with SKU Cloud – has incredible conversion rates with an average of one in three engagements resulting in a purchase. Compare this to the rest of the web where conversion rates tend to be around two or three percent at most and SKU Cloud looks even more attractive.

3. Emerging Channels: SKU Cloud power and support some incredible eCommerce properties across multiple high traffic sites and is constantly developing its network of partner destination sites. SKU Cloud works with destination sites you have already heard of and probably use. In many cases, SKU Cloud offers the only opportunity you may have to list your products on certain properties.

4. You Already Have the Technology: If you currently use a multi-channel retail solution like ChannelAdvisor, Seller Express, Volo or Linnworks, you’re pretty much good to go. Even if you don’t have the technology in place – it’s possible to send product information to SKU Cloud via a simple spreadsheet in much the same way as you would with Google Shopping.

5. Local Support: In fact, it’s not just the support that is local. SKU Cloud is a British company headquartered and fully staffed in London. SKU Cloud’s eCommerce experts know and understand how your business works because they spend all day, every day working for companies just like yours. 

6. A Level Playing Field: SKU Cloud retailers don’t have to worry about competing with part-time or hobby sellers. They only work with professional retailers selling brand name products that can support high volumes of sales and provide the very best in customer service and because we are not a retailer – you don’t have to worry about competing with us.

7. Award Winning: SKU Cloud’s trophy cabinet is bursting with high-profile awards and some of them are really worth bragging about. SKU Cloud was recently highlighted in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as a technology company to watch. They are winners and they want you to be winners too.

8. It’s Free: OK, we’ve already said that – but it’s definitely worth mentioning again.


There has to be a downside, doesn’t there?

Well in the case of SKU Cloud, unless you are NOT looking for an incredibly low cost (free) solution to position and sell your products on high traffic, high conversion online sales venues, there really isn’t.

To learn more about selling on SKU Cloud download our seller whitepaper here: https://sellers.skucloud.co.uk/whitepaper

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